WORLD RECORD: EMC Truck Jump Over The LOTUS Formula 1 Car!

By listing this year`s edition of the Book of Guinness World Records, you will surely be stuck in the section vehicles and stunts, and read the amazing story that EMC and Lotus F1 teams are bringing today. This EMC Truck Jump is simply impressive.

Inspired by the motive to amaze the audience and leave it jaw dropped, the crew sets an epic world record where a giant semi-truck jumps over a Formula 1 car. The EMC Truck Jump sounds impossible right?! Well, this is how the collaboration between these two companies has resulted and we have to agree that this is a unique way to express the power that EMC technology can offer. Although, Lotus does not have the greatest season so far, this is a spectacular option for the brand to try itself in stunt videos.

After watching this video, you will be definitely inspired by the both drivers, especially the one in the F1 car who managed to cut under the truck so precisely. Pretty amazing, fascinating and worth watching, this video will with guarantee make you scream and blow your mind. At last, if you do not believe in this awesome record and crazy jump, you should then check the “behind the scenes” video, where every moment is recorded in details from different angles. Have fun!

Finally, for more World Records, visit Guinness’ official website!