Longest Semi Tractor Trailer – 79 Trailers Pulled by Semi Truck Tractor!

To be perfectly honest with you, if somebody was just telling me this, without having a chance to watch the video bellow, I would not have believe it. But the fact to the matter is that the Ozzies did it. No more -- no less, but incredible 79 truck trailers are being pulled by one single Semi Truck Tractor, the so called Prime Mover, that weights terrifying and almost unbelievable 1 072 tons.

And where else could it happened but in Australia, where one can find the biggest and longest trucks on the whole planet, but this seems to be like out of this world. As the story goes, it took over 48 hours just to assemble all those 79 trailers, and as you can presume, the entire highway was completely closed. There are more than 3 trailers that are 174 feet long, each of it weights 115 metric tons (253 531 pounds), than there is the Road Train which is about 115 feet long and weights another 80 metric tons (176 370 pounds), and most of the others are even longer and much heavier.

So if you are interested to find out the whole story about this unbelievable story, just watch the video.

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Enjoy the video below!

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