Texas A&M Transportation Institute New Steel Barrier TEST!

If you like watching crashes, than the following video will be just the right thing for you, as you probably won`t have many chances like this, to watch it on a high quality video, recorded from almost every possible angle. Something that use to be Blue Bell ice cream delivery truck is hitting hard, at a speed of 50 mph, directly into a steel barrier, and as you can probably imagine, there is not much left from the poor truck. The entire cabin of the truck is getting blown to pieces, folding from each side.

It is a part of an experiment that was conducted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute, as a part of the deal that this firm has with the United States State Department, for testing all kinds of security devices that are (or will be) installed as a protection at the US embassies in many countries.


Enjoy the video below! Moreover, if you travel with a pet, here are the best pet barriers!

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