GOODBYE To FLAT TIRES! RhinoTire – World’s Best TIRE Safety System!

Just as we`re sure that some of you have already seen it (because it is not the latest technology, is dating a few years back), we also think that it will be a new thing for many of you who are `longing` for the moment when flat tires will become a thing from the past and you will never ever have to worry about it.

Rhinotire TIRE Safety System 6

The solution about those problems is coming with RhinoTires, which is proven to be the most efficient tire protection technology, anywhere in the world. Compared to all the other liquid sealers or runflat solutions, this is much more superior way for your problems with flat tires, without having to worry about messing up rims or the sensors.

To put it simply, this tire safety system is efficient and it will seal away any puncture you have on your tires!

We think that it would be only safe to say that this is a dream coming true for all passionate bikers out there. Maybe the only thing that is a little bit a downside of this procedure is the complicated method, for which you need to have special equipment.

That means that you need to have the RhinoPlex (a special polymer) that is heated up to high temperature, and afterward the tire is sprayed on the inside. After a certain period of time, the tire is cooling off and becomes Rhinotire. With this tire safety system, you will stop only when you want to!  

As it is shown in this video, after applying the RhinoPlex inside the tire, you will never have to worry about tire protection again! You can even drive on nails and you will still continue going! The effect is amazing, just watch the video.

And while we are talking about safety, you might want to check this video!