Turbo Powered 08 Chevy LMM Truck Burning Some 40-inch Tires!

There are very good, powerful, mighty and beautiful trucks, and there are great trucks, a pure form a mechanical perfection and an overwhelming design. This Compound Turbo 08 Chevy LMM  pickup truck that we are going to introduce to you in the following video that we have prepared for you today, is something for which I think that most of you will agree that it comes from the latter category – a true monster which (almost) everyone would like to see it parked in his own garage.

The list of features of this great white Chevy LMM is really long, so I will just say some of the most important ones like the over stock VGT turbo, along with the ATS twin CP 3 pump kit and double 200 GPH lift pumps, as well as the live tuned EFI, than the ATS manifolds and up pipes, custom traction bars and many more.

But in order not to make this post look like a complete list they give you at your local dealer, or tune garage, I will stop there and invite you to watch the video and see how all those characteristics of this great white Chevy look like in real. Check it out!

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Enjoy the video below!

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