Bagged Lowrider Chevy Pickup Truck! This Thing Will Blow Your Mind!

If you love and get kickoffs watching big and powerful pickup trucks, custom built, with original features, than this promotional video of Kevin`s custom built bagged lowrider Chevy pickup truck, is something that you will most definitely like!

As you will see in the video bellow, this is what you call it a real dope truck and you simply have got to give it to the guy! Kevin Schiele has done an awesome job with this black Chevy Silverado, lowering it down almost to the ground, in the style of the French Noir Citroen DS, using self leveling suspension that gives it a special charm and flavor.

Unfortunately there is not much specs that we can give you for the truck, but regardless of that, just watching this greatly shot and edited video will lift you up and make your day prettier. I know it did mine!

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Enjoy the video below!

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