This Is Everything You Need To Know About Grand Theft Auto 6!

Whenever a new game is about to be launched, we tend to look for news about it as soon as they come out. The hype is massive for some games, but there are just a handful that are really spectacular. This is exactly the case with the awesome Grand Theft Auto 6. Even though it has not been officially confirmed yet, we all expect to see this game to come out really soon. It has been long 6 years since the last Grand Theft Auto was released, in 2012 to be precise. Even though there are many speculations and rumors about GTA 6, not a single thing is yet confirmed. However, we are most certain that Grand Theft Auto 6 story will have a variety of plots and characters. If you thought that GTA 5 was spectacular, wait for GTA 6!

grand theft auto 6 is here 1

What was believed couple of years ago will probably come true real soon. Namely, the map will be huge and in England. Yes, you can now drive through the streets of London, just like the legendary GTA London. We all fondly remember this game from many, many years ago. The game play of the Grand Theft Auto 6 will be something not seen so far. The cutting-edge technology enabled its producers to create something ultra-realistic. Moreover, a new protagonist will be added to the story. There will be plenty of activities that you can choose from. All of this means only one thing! GTA 6 will be fun to play for years and years. It seems that our waiting has come to an end and 6 years later, it will be finally here. Even though there is not an official trailer, there is some leaked footage from it!

grand theft auto 6 is here 2

Before you go, make sure to check out the GTA London official trailer!