Somebody Needs a Chill Pill! Spectacular MUD Truck Crash!

Every time we are watching videos from all kinds of spectacles and competitions that are involving cars, it is inevitable to come a cross some spectacular crash and similar situations in which the main protagonists are going through a real ordeal. I think that this is very good description of what you are about to see in the video bellow, that we have prepared for you in this post. What we actually have here is one hell of a wild ride by Scott Sweat that finishes with a spectacular Mud Truck crash -- a perfect spice for a hard core adrenalin cocktail injection -- at this year`s North Vs South event at Dennis Anderson`s Muddy Motorsports Park.

As you will see it for yourself, this guy had really come strong, starting his performance very ferociously, challenging all that horse and torque power of his vehicle. But in the moments when he was about to give the audience a chance to admire his skills by making an attractive jump, things went sour. The point is that if you are getting an adrenalin rush on things like this, this video will be a bullseye.

Anyway, check out this Mud Truck Tug of War! 

Enjoy the video below!

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