Lethal Weapon MEGA TRUCK Freestyle by Dennis Anderson!

As it is probably clear to all of you who are following us, we are in a non-stop search and `radar scanning` for funny and crazy videos that will give you a good time and entertainment watching it, and of course, many times, hit you with an adrenalin rush that will cause you to act and try to do something yourself. And when it comes to monster trucks, every time the name of the legendary Dennis Anderson pops out, we are pretty much sure that it is going to be something.

In the following video that we’ve found and prepared for your pleasure, it is not actually Dennis Anderson himself in his famous Grave Digger, but another monster, competing on his Muddy Motorsports Park event, on which North and South are having a chance to prove themselves on the battle ground. And no more or less, what we have is The Lethal Weapon Mega Mud Truck show and the guy that you will see has something to `say` about himself and his orange monster.

I`m not going to get into details and tell you what that is, but will let you enjoy every second of it for yourself.

Enjoy the video below!

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