Is This The BEST DIESEL ENGINE Sound EVER?! This Video Will Make Your Day!

Yup, that is right. This video will lighten up your day, especially if you`re an owner of a cute little pet. We all know that pets have the habit to make us laugh with their unusual reactions to things or impersonations of people and luckily sometimes we do not forget to turn on the record button. But luckily this pug owner didn`t forget to turn on the record button. He captured something extraordinary. His pug, greatly imitating a diesel engine sound!

Exactly for that reason, we should thank today the owner of this cute black French bulldog that express its impression of a Diesel Engine sound. Covered with a towel this little cutie is overheating itself hence it makes funny breathing that will definitely remind you of a Diesel Engine. Best dog rapid panting ever!  At one point, you will think that this video is speeded up, but then you will see the dog`s blinking that will assure you of the moving speed that this little thing can reach with its tongue.

The name of this pug is Dosh. The dog is 3 years old and lives in Thailand. And this 30 second clip will simply mesmerize you. We recommend to close your eyes when watching the video, turn on the volume, and simply listen to the very convincing diesel engine sound this pug imitates. This dog can truly be Hollywood material. This pug is a natural. So, Hollywood agents, use this opportunity and sign this dog to a big fat deal!

For all of you worrying for the health status of this dog please do not get anxious and upset at all as this French bulldog does not have any breath issues. This beautiful pet is regularly cooling off during a hot summer day. Won`t you react the same way?!

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