Meet Porter! The First Dog Driving a Car in the World! MUST WATCH!

Believe it or not, this is the First Dog driving a car in the World! Man`s best friend with man`s favorite toy! Is there something cuter than this? Yes, that`s what you mean! A dog drives a Mini!

Of course, this dog is not born with this ability but it is smart enough to learn it! So, with some proper training and dogs this smart can really learn how to drive a car in their own way. We cannot expect that they will ever drive as humans. But who knows? This dog named Porter will be remembered as the first dog that steered an automobile on its own! He is so smart, enjoyable and he really knows how to drive a car! Just see how calm it is and how gracefully sits and operates the car! Magnificent!

Feel free to share your thoughts with us! Anyway, if you have a cat, you must wonder how they drink?

Enjoy the video below!

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