Very Cool Dog Rides In A Classic Mini CAR Trailer!

It often happens when we go on a trip to take our dogs with us. And dog owners know that the dog is more than a pet, it is a part of the family. So we are trying to accommodate them as much as we can and also according to their needs. But, in our opinion this dog in a Classic Mini CAR Trailer you are about to see has the time of his life thanks to his creative owner! We have seen dogs, sitting on a motorbike in front of their owners, as well as dogs sticking their heads out of the window while the car is in motion. This dog gets to experience both things at once!


His owner, and also the motorbike rider, has provided a special trailer for the dog! Which we have to says looks both amazing and original! This way the dog can do whatever it wants! Apparently, it likes to feel the wind on the face!

This whole situation becomes even more fun when you see dog`s tongue all over its face! Definitely thumbs up for this creative Gearhead and dog owner, who knows how to keep himself and his dog happy.

Finally, follow this link to watch world`s first driving dog. Jaw-dropping!