A Creative BMX Rider Working Around LAMBORGHINI SUPERCAR!

One of the things that most of us enjoy without a question, is watching those great and exciting stunts, which BMX riders are doing when they are riding their bikes on the streets and sidewalks, showcasing their amazing and creative skills and riding abilities. And this creative BMX rider from Portland, in Oregon, that you are going to see in the following video clip that we have prepared for you today, will show us one pretty attractive stunt he had performed, using an attractive and an appealing Lamborghini sports car, as a `platform` for his act.

The name of this creative BMX rider is Josh Navarro, and he became known and `famous` this April 18, when he decided to do a stunt, using a $350 000 Lamborghini as stunt prop, to perform his attractive jump. Afterwards, Josh had posted the clip and the photos of his stunt to Instagram.

But not everyone was thrilled and positively surprised from his stunt. As you can guess, the first in that line was the owner of the orange Lambo, that has suffered few minor damages, which, according to the owner of that shiny Lamborghini, Kelly Howard, will cost thousands of dollars.

Regardless of the fact that Josh`s stunt was attractive and appealing, I think that none of us would like to have his expensive supercar used as a stunt prop. However, we will not get into a debate and suggestions whether this was the right thing to do, or not, but will let you see the video for yourself, and make your own conclusion.

And if you want to see another, a little bit different Lamborghini stunt, go to this link.