This Witty Dog Knows How To Freshen Itself During The Summer Heat! It Will Make You Laugh Out LOUD!

This summer is one of the hottest in the newer history of mankind. And people as well as animals are trying out various ways to cool themselves down. However, animals are always more fun to watch, because of their unique way of thinking and how they actually execute their idea of refreshment. This is where we, humans, take the floor by recording them and sharing those videos with the rest of the world for instantaneous mood boost. And that instantaneous mood boost we are talking about may come in the form of one witty dog that knows exactly how to freshen itself!

Such case is the footage below. It is hilarious! The driver took his pet on a ride with his vehicle. He/She opened the sunroof in order to have better air flow in the car. And this is where the witty dog views the chance for having some fun and refreshment! It sticks its head out of the sunroof! It may sound like this is not big a deal, but everything will be different once you see it! Because of the air pressure, it looks like the dog is smiling at you, while its ears are flying too! Believe us, it is way funnier when you see it! Could you tell us how your pets are coping with the heat?

Dogs are also known to stick their heads out the window to hunt different smells. We humans have a very small olfactory membrane. Our olfactory membrane is big as a postage stamp while the one the dogs have is big as a handkerchief! Air is the conductor of smell! So, as more air flows the more scents the olfactory membrane can detect! So, for this witty dog, besides refreshing itself from the summer heat – it was an all you can smell buffet!

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