Today we have prepared you a video with one cool example, a powerful LB7 Duramax truck, doing burnouts, leaving its signature on that secluded road ad creating clouds of smoke. Just so that everyone can know who is who, and just what a powerful machine the Duramax is.

The man`s wish and desire to create something big and powerful and leave its mark on the place where he has been, has always been great, and we can see trails of all types of nature, all over the world. That is why we, the ultimate Gearheads, who are taking pride and joy in our vehicles and their power, speed and strength, also want to do something similar. To preserve our ancient natural instinct and showcase the amount of power that we have at our disposal.

Cars are one of the best examples about it, which is why we are always trying to do something extraordinary, instead of just moving from point A to point B. And the bigger and more powerful the machine is, the more we want to prove to ourselves and to the world just what an awesome ride we have.

So just watch the video below that we have prepared for you and enjoy it. And if you are interested in watching another great LB7 Duramax power demonstration, click here.