CRAZY 750HP LBZ Duramax DIESEL Sand Rail in ACTION!

I have said it before and I will say it again -- snow can be so much fun, no matter what kind of a car you are driving, but only if you know what you are doing. By now, we have seen many different cars and even supercars that were doing all kinds of positively crazy things, pulling stunts, racing, drifting, etc. But today we are going to show you something a little bit different, the Merchant Automotive`s Duramax diesel sand rail that is hitting the ice like insane, leaving really great impression to everyone. This powerful ride is running on a 6.6 liter Turbocharged LBZ Duramax Diesel motor that is giving a total output to 750HP (according to MA guys, it can even generate more).

Mated to a Powerglide transmission, custom-made converter, product of Precision Industries, there is a 4130 Chromoly chassis which is custom fabricated, and a few other custom built components, that can be `held responsible` for making it one of the best sand rails in the world. The reason why MA has brought this powerful machine at the 2015 exhibition and ice race that was held in Anchor Bay, in New Baltimore, on the Lake St. Clair, is to test it and see how good and ready it is for the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge, that will happen at the end of this month.

So check out the video below and watch just how fast and awesome this crazy LBZ Duramax Diesel sand rail is, and if you want to see other cool sand rail videos, go to this link.