Cummins Pickup Common Rail With 24V Cummins And Dual 6” Cat Stacks! Nice And Clean!

We often refer to pick-up trucks only as truck, but this Cummins pickup truck in particular can be referred to as a truck without any hesitations! You are immediately going to ask why, which is normal. Because besides the exhaust pipe it also has SoFlo Dual 6″ Cat Stacks that make this pick-up truck emit smoke almost as a big truck. With this video you are going to take a short ride around the neighborhood and see how the cat stacks work. For that reason, there is a driver and a guy who is in the back of the pick-up truck and records the video.

First, we can see an overall sight of the pick-up truck itself and then we are looking at the cat stacks from the back. The SoFlo Diesel Dual 6″ is designed to give you aesthetics and performance. The sound that the cat stacks produces is awesome! And the performance gains are truly remarkable. Aesthetics and performance in one package. The cat stacks have a very efficient clean box which enables the air to flow perfectly. And the sound that comes out is awesome as well. So, even if you are not a great fan of stacks we are sure you will appreciate these ones when you see them in the video! The only way not to like these stacks that are installed on this Cummins pickup is if you are a Prius fan. The smoke that comes out of these stacks is massive!

The guy recording does not let the cat stacks out of sight and firmly holds the camera. But the driver, as every other driver, wants to step a little harder on the gas pedal to see what is going to happen. After that moment, the camera guy went inside the Cummins pickup truck. We don`t know if he got tired, or inhaled some smoke. It remains an enigma.We suspect it`s the latter. But, it remains an enigma.

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