Want To See How Is It Like To Be MAD MIKE?! Take A Seat & Enjoy This RALLY CAR Hill Climb DRIFT With Mike Whiddett!

You have a unique opportunity to see what it is like to be in the driver`s seat in a rally car. We can tell right now, it is very exciting! Put yourself in the spot of Mad Mike Whiddett for 2 minutes! You think it is a short time? Maybe it is, but lots of things are happening during these 2 minutes of driving! High speed, tires squeaking, adrenalin pumping and definitely high level of concentration. You may have to watch this video several times, in order to be able to catch everything! Driving a rally car is not a piece of cake. It requires a set of skills which this driver apparently has, and makes this look easy. This footage was taken during the Leadfoot Festival, in which Mad Mike Whiddett participated. According to him, this is the perfect hill climb! We are not surprised he decided to showcase his skills right here! If you thought that you are a great driver, we advise you to watch this incredible video. We know we still have a lot to learn in order to get close to this level!

Look how Mad Mike climbs the hill, from his point of view, at this year`s edition of Leadfoot Festival in New Zealand. This event takes place on the marvelous Coromandel Peninsula, on private property! There are plenty of different vehicles participating at this festival like classy cars, selected motorcycles, and vehicles that have left a mark in the motorsports. This event joins different vehicles from different eras together in one passionate exhibition. What else can we say? Mad Mike Whiddett knows where to drive and where to make an incredible video! Stunning display of skills and great scenery makes the perfect combination for an excellent drive! Don`t miss the video.

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