Drift Festival At Goodwood Max Speed! Who Else But MAD MIKE!

A great video of the New Zealand`s professional car racer and drifter ‘MadMike‘ Whiddett, doing what he does best at this year`s Drift Festival At Goodwood in UK.
In the recent years mad Mike has become one of the most recognized car racers and drifters competing in more than 15 countries and gaining a reputation of a fearless competitor doing amazing drifts and stunts, therefore earning an additional nickname Mad Bull.

Recently mad Mike Whiddett had sign a partnership contract with Mazda in support of the Whiddetts Motorsport program.
And it seemed that both parties are pleased and satisfied from this deal. Mike says that he was always admiring Mazda and had a great passion for their vehicles and in a big part, their cars are the reason why he is doing that and how he got there.

On the other side, Mazda executives are also happy with this contract, being able to support an international champion and gifted athlete like him.
Check out this video from his performance with the `Bad Bull` a 20 B turbo Mazda SP 3 RX 8 on Goodwood Festival.

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Enjoy the video below!

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