We are all familiar with many incredible race tracks throughout the world that are giving both the participants and the viewers, an ultimate rush and pleasure, and an experience that cannot be forgotten. Well, today we are going to show you an ultimate hill climb video from arguably the “best racing place” on the planet, the Mazda Turnpike in Japan. It is a place that is located on the Hakone Mountain, known for its incredible views, high bridges, awesome straight ways, hairpin turns, and precipitous elevation changes as well, which is a dream for every true and skillful racer.

Each year, this great race event is bringing many different awesome cars, like the BMW Z4 Super GT and the Ford GT40, which are the main protagonists in this video, as well as some high-powered drifting cars and other racing monsters, like that specially tuned and designed Nissan GTR, which I`m sure that you will notice.

Also, you will get to hear first hand from some of the drivers, like Kawabata Masato, Ara Seiji, Nob Taniguchi and others, telling us about the way the drive and drift on this ultimate hill climb track, and all the risks involved in the entire intense race experience. To make the long story short, this is one video that every race aficionado does not want to miss. So check it out and enjoy it all the way.

If you want to learn more about that awesome Ford GT40 that you will see in the video, check out this link.