GTR Chase Ferrari on a Public Road in Malaysia! Check it!

So imagine this situation: you`re going back home from work, you are all tired and cannot wait to  lay down on your cozy couch, when suddenly on the highway to home, you meet a bunch of sport car beauties having a race. Well, that does not sound impossible especially not in Malaysia. No matter if you are for or against public races, this video shows a really awesome race with interesting twists between the eternal rivals Ferrari and Nissan GTR 35. So, the camera is put in a GTR R35 and be careful if you want to bet which car will end first. The GTR chase is on!

Altogether, the cars worth more than $750,000 and we can surely say that the drivers are real professionals because at some points they are going over 120mph and they were still able to keep control of their vehicles. The fact that they are on a public road with other people, makes an even bigger adrenaline rush. However, it doesn’t matter how good of a driver you think you are. In this situation, you cannot predict what other motorists are going to do, but if you drive like this and think “I’m good, I know how to drive” – nothing will happen. Check the GTR chase now!

Anyway, check out the best high speed chases ever!

Enjoy the video below!

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