Ultimate Street Race: Chevy Duramax vs Ford Powerstroke!

It is one of the questions that are subject on many poisonous debates, long arguments and endless quarrels amongst the fans of each of these two legendary American truck brands – Chevy Duramax vs Ford Powerstroke. And I guess one of those fellows who wanted to put a stop on those disputes are these guys from Houston, Texas, who decided to organize a drag battle between two awesome looking and obviously very mighty and powerful machines and show the whole world who is the best!

The guys are Matt and Seth, first one with a Ford Powerstroke and the second one with the Chevy Duramax. And as you are about to see, it turns out that the mighty Powerstroke turned out to be a `Powerjoke`, at least in this case. After the race, they have decided to give it a go one more time, just in the case something was missing the first time, but… as you can presume, the result was not much different than the first time.

So I guess, this would be a very cool video for all of the Chevy Duramax fans, as it will `prove` them being right all the time.

Anyway, there is much more subtle approach to this issue.

Enjoy the video below!

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