1360HP Chevy DURAMAX Ends Up With A Broken Driveshaft On The Dyno! That Could Have Killed Somebody!

There are powerful machines and there POWERFUL machines, and the one that you are about to see in this video definitely belongs to the second category, strongly written with big letters! It is a kind of monster that you do not want to mess with! A powerful machine with an engine that generates an astonishing 1360 horsepower! Be a witness the end of that poor dynamometer. Having this much power resulted in a broken driveshaft! Luckily, no one was hurt in this whole incident. However, it could have been much worse if this happened on the open road! We do not know about you but this is the first time that we are watching a dyno being blown away from all that horse and torque power of the vehicle that is tested. But than again, we have not spent that much of a time inside a garage.

Regardless of that and everything else, this red 2001 Chevy Duramax is one ultra powerful, bad and angry monster, property of Dmitri Millard. The guy went into the garage to test the power of his machine and hopefully (and as expected) get out with some good numbers he can brag about. But it turns out to be even better. After a few rolls things started to fly away from the garage and land down the sidewalk and the street. I guess that everyone and everything has to meet its Nemesis one day! To have a broken driveshaft after testing your ride is bad. It also says that whatever you drive is really POWERFUL! Nonetheless, we are certain that the broken driveshaft will get repaired soon. Make sure you watch the video of it breaking while doing a dyno test!

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Enjoy the video below!

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