Nissan Parade! 30+ Nissan GTR R35s Cruising in Singapore!

This is like the dream coming true for every Nissan GTR R35 fan – watching a Nissan parade, such a many R35s rolling down the street in such calm and tamed manner. I do not know about you, but I still have not seen such a sigh on the street, where one of the most desirable and fastest street car in the world can be seen in so many units, in almost all possible colors. And if I remember correctly, it is not the first time that we are watching such a video coming from Singapore, not with GTRs, but with sports cars going in convoy. I guess people over there really have a good taste for cars, besides deep pockets.

And I have got to say that it is always a privilege for anyone, and any city in the world to be `hosting` such a parade of colossal power! This video was shot this January, when one of the largest meetings of Nissan GTR was held in the great city of Singapore. As you will see it for yourself, these 30+ GTRs have made a real rampage through the city`s avenues and roads. It looks almost as a scene from an SF movie. Take a look at the Nissan parade.

Finally, check out this magic performance by Nissan GTR!

Enjoy the video below!

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