2000HP Nissan GTR Alpha Omega Humiliates 3 2000HP Lambos!

Today we will show you a video that will really put a big smile on the face of every hard core street racer in the world, as you are about to `meet` the new king of the Streets Texas Invitational, a highly modified Nissan GTR Alpha Omega , with a monster engine that is able to generate 2 000 HP. Behind the wheel of this black monster is Ivan Phipps, who proves himself to be a real Lamborghini `cleaner` and promotes his supercar into a new king of the event.

Many of you are probably familiar with Streets Texas Invitational, an event that is dating since 2010, organized by The Texas Speed Syndicate, who managed to take it to a level to become the best show, on which we can see some of the best, highly modified and street legal supercars in the United States.

So, this year, there were 42 official contestants down there in Texas, and the visitors were able to see many Nissan GTRs, Toyota Supras, Vipers, and two monster, 2 000 HP Lamborghinis, and the moment when the new star was born – 2 000 HP Nissan GTR Alpha Omega. The video we have prepared for you will give you an inside look of just how fast and powerful this car is, as it sweeps the strip with also 2 000 HP UGR Twin Turbo and HP Heffner Lamborghinis.

And what do you think? What is the fastest Lamborghini ever?

Enjoy the video below!

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