1400HP H8R Maker Corvette Battling with Texas Street’s Best!

This is one of those videos that will put a big smiley face to every Corvette executive in Detroit and make even the legend like Zora Arkus Duntov feel proud and fulfilled. Because the Vette that you are going to see in the following video appears to be so mighty and powerful, like there is not a single car out there that can handle it. This monster is ready to take down anything that would dare to challenge it! There is a real beast of an engine under the hood that can produce astonishing 1400HP, so I`m guessing that it becomes pretty clear why this H8R Maker Corvette is ready to take on every challenge and anyone who is ready to put the money where his mouth is. Those other monsters in the video, a pride of Texas Streets, found out that fact first hand.

There is a 1 200 HP Big Turbo Toyota Supra, 1 100+ HP Giant Turbo Corvette, equipped with Nitrous kit, so I believe you get the picture. But as much as the numbers are impressive and all that, when it actually came to the `moment of truth`, this hard core babes turns out to be chasing (hunting) the H8R Maker Corvette, not battling with it.

However, you gotta love the Chevy Dragsters!

Enjoy the video below!

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