800HP Supra Drifts and Burns Out & Sets the Tarmac on FIRE!

There is a saying “Destruction is not negative, you must destroy to build again”, that perfectly fits with this video (and others like it). And by destruction I mean on the complete burn out of the wheels` rubber in less than a minute. With plenty horsepower under the hood of this 800hp Supra, the faith of the wheels is pretty much predictable, or even inevitable if you will.

Supras are one of the best cars of Japanese sports cars engineering and only by listening of the sound they make gives me a goosebumps, which is exactly what you will see and (I guess) experience from the first part of the video when the owner of the Toyota is checking out its engine in the garage, before going out on the asphalt and do his thing on the wheels` rubber.

Only small thing that I found it to be a bit of distracting is the loud cheering of some of the guys, who are obviously way too thrilled watching this guy Adam, doing his thing that almost set the tarmac on fire too.

For all of you fans of extreme burn outs, this is a great video I`m sure you are going to enjoy it! Finally, check out this amazing Toyota Supra!

Enjoy the video below!

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