Supra Toyota Drifting is NOT EASY, Especially on A Wet Road! This Guy Doesn’t Think So!

We can say than not everyone is ready to go to drift in a Supra Especially on A Wet Road. You need skills to be good in this unpredictable wet conditions. This is an amazing example of automotive car excellence! Watching a Supra Toyota drifting just adds up to the excellence that you are about to see in this video!

When you are getting ready for a road trip, you probably listen to the new previously! Sometimes, the news lady says to you not to go out due to wet road as the streets are slippery and you might have an accident! Normal people listen to her, but GEARHEADS cannot wait for that wet road to do some drifting!!! Anyway, the video below stars a very SKILLED drifter and his Toyota Supra drifting UPHILL on a really WET ROAD! The kind of slippery road that only the best of the best can pull it off! On a wet road such as this, one very minor mistake and you are just a passenger!

Toyota Supra is a car that all kinds of gearheads (regardless of what floats their boat) can`t get enough off! The Supra is an example of one archetypal example of car perfection! The stunning lines of that beautiful aero combined with one very powerful 2JZ engine makes the Supra a GOD! This car very well deserves to be included in the pantheon of high performance machines!

We don`t know if this Supra is completely stock or not. However, knowing its tuning flexibility and the type of enthusiasts that usually end up owning it, it may very well not be! Also, judging by this driver drifting exhibition, he may have modified it for some hefty drifting!

If you want to see the Supra Toyota drifting, check out this video and prepare to be amazed by the STUNNING DRIFTS!!!

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