FASTEST TOYOTA GT 86-2JZ Running 9.1 Sec @ 159 MPH!

I`m sure that I do not have to look for some special words, or try to stress the fact that Japanese sports cars are awesome and as fast as hell, because it is a fact well known to all of you, who consider themselves for real car connoisseurs. And I`m not talking only about the legendary Nissan GTR, but for all Japanese sports cars brands, like the Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda… And out of the many powerful and fast rocket-sleds made in Japan, today we have chosen a video clip that features the fastest Toyota GT 86-2JZ, which will demonstrate everything above mentioned!

Built and tuned by EKanoo Racing, this black thunderstruck with numerous engine modifications, like the street custom heads and HKS 272 cams, EKanoo Racing intercooler, precision turbo, hyper tune intake, 6-speed transmission from Toyota Supra, navigation system, and more, is running the Quarter-Mile distance for only 9.1 seconds at 159 mph, and almost sets the strip on fire!

So, all you got to do is watch the following one-minute video below, and see its power and speed with your own eyes. Check out the fastest Toyota and enjoy it!

And if you want to find out something about the EKanoo Racing, and see other builds by them, check out this link!