Here we go with a really cool drag race video, with two awesome vintage drags in the main roles, that we do not have a chance to see very often. As you have read in the title, the first one is the 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, and its opponent is a car that is really very rare, and this is one of the few chances that we get to see it on the strip, the 1970 Pontiac GTO Ram Air III.

I`m pretty much sure that I do not have to stress just how much these two rare beauties are desired by the vintage muscle car collectors. Both of them are at the very top of every true Detroit muscle connoisseur`s wish list.

But let`s return to the main point of this article, to the thing that is much more important to us.

Those of you who are following us regularly, had seen enough examples of the great 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, but when it comes to the 1970 Pontiac GTO Ram Air III, this is really one of the very rare opportunities that we get to see it. And today we have the pleasure of watching both of these classic muscle beauties facing each other on the strip, in a Quarter-Mile drag battle.

The `70 Cuda is packing a 426 cubic inch HEMI, mated to a stock 4 barrel carburetor, that is generating 425 HP. And the `70 GTO, called the Judge, has a 400 cubic inch Ram Air III engine, rated at 366 HP.

I will not be a spoiler and tell you the outcome of the race, so just watch the video, and find out yourself. And of course, give in completely to the allure of this appealing drag race and enjoy it.

And because, as above mentioned, we do not get to see the 1970 Pontiac GTO often, go to this link if you want to find out more about this awesome classic Detroit muscle.