Everyone who is interested in (at least) looking at perfectly restored vintage muscle cars is well familiar with the RK Motors Charlotte, the guys who are behind so many absolutely stunning and remarkable classic Detroit muscles that were perfectly restored and brought to a state of perfection. You probably remember some of the Chargers and Challengers that we have shown you, which are a product of their remarkable work and craftsmanship. Today we are going to show you another one of their presentations, an absolutely gorgeous 1970 Plymouth HEMI Superbird with only 16 905 original miles and one hundred percent original interior. And everyone who knows at least something about the Superbird, knows that we don`t get to see many of those.

I`m sure that you could have noticed even from the intro photo, that this legendary NASCAR muscle looks totally awesome and stunning, so it would not be a wonder if I tell you that this car was a part of numerous TV shows, calendar photo sessions, magazines and auctions. This RK Motors product is definitely one of the most beautiful 1970 Plymouth HEMI Road Runner Superbirs with a 426 HEMI under the hood, one can find anywhere.

If you want to see what I`m talking about and get a better picture about it, watch the video and get completely mesmerized by it. And if you want to find out every little detail about it, click here.