1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird in a MASSIVE BURNOUT!

Here we go with one short video clip for all those fans of the Mopar muscle cars from the period of the golden era of the American muscle car production, especially for the fans of the 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner Superbird. If you are one of that company, and you also happen to enjoy watching your favorite muscle beast getting a little bit wild, and start revving, accelerating like mad, doing massive rubber burnouts, then you are about to get a pretty decent adrenaline rush dose.

I`m not going to lie to you and tell you that this is one of those videos when we have a muscle example that is creating a total eclipse of the sun with its clouds of smoke, but still, and as I have said, it is pretty decent and exciting. Even more, because it is coming from Europe, where there are really not as many events of this type as there are in the US. So for me, it is always a pleasure watching a classic Detroit muscle having fun on European soil, in this case, on the 2011 Dragracing Drachten in the Netherlands.

According to the info, this 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird is powered by the legendary 636 Indy HEMI, aluminum water block, with Ross racing pistons, titanium valves (and many other custom made components), and mated to a 727 Automatic transmission. As you can notice, it is coming in a light lime green paint job, which was the standard factory color from the period when the Superbird was produced.

I think that you will enjoy this really impressive and cool video. So check it out and later on, you can sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below. And if you want to watch many other Road Runner drag race videos, click here.