1973 Plymouth Barracuda! Enjoy the Sound & Allure!

It will not be a first that we are watching a video clip with some awesome classic Detroit muscle example, that is coming from Europe, as I`m sure that you are remembering on some other muscle cars that we have seen from across the Atlantic. But I think that it is one of the first 1973 Plymouth Barracuda models that we are showing you from Europe. There is no information about where is this cool muscle example coming from, but it is obvious from the surrounding area that it is not the good old USA, but somewhere on the old continent.

Unfortunately, the author of the video did not give us any info about the car, just named the video as `The best muscle car ever`, so it is obvious that he is very impressed with that `73 Cuda. Of course, personal taste is not something that should be debated, but I will say that he is not very far from the truth.

The Plymouth `Cuda models from the beginning of the 70s are most definitely one of the best muscle examples ever made, and that is why we keep on showing you different models every chance we get. The 1973 Plymouth Barracuda model is not very different from the previous year. One of the things they both share is the fact that with 1972 Plymouth Barracuda, probably the best motors (the powerful HEMI, and the 383ci) were retired because of the new emission regulations. So the options for the `73 `Cuda were the 318 V8 motor as the basis, and the 340 V8, which was later on replaced with the 360 V8. But compared with the 1970 and 1971 Barracuda models, the performance was not so great.

Check out this video and see this `European Barracuda`, and if you are interested in learning more about the other models of `Cuda, go to this link.