Gorgeous 1970 440 Six-Pack Plymouth CUDA in Northern California!

Hey guys! If you are one of the devoted fans of the Plymouth Barracuda, or simply a hardcore fan of big muscle cars, then the following video that you are going to watch will be one those unique experiences that you can not forget for a long time. It is sort of a definition of a `dream coming true story`, as we are going to meet John Cross and hear his great story about how he became the owner of this great and powerful 1970 440 Six-Pack Plymouth ‘Cuda

It all started somewhere in the early 70s, when John was still a kid, driving in this very same Plymouth `Cuda with his uncle, and later in 1978, his uncle sold the car to him. The car was residing in John`s garage for a long time until he decided to shape it according to his own vision. He took that 1970 440 out and replaced it with the crazy 496 that is lurking under the hood today.

It can produce 684 HP and 682 pound feet of torque, so I think tat you can feel the gravity of all that power, which in a combo with that perfect ominous black look, I would say that it is textbook example of dream coming true.

Check out the video and find out every last detail about it.