1973 ‘Cuda Pro Touring Resto Mod Nascar That Will Knock You Down!

Hello my dear fellow Gearheads. Here is something for every Mopar fan out there, actually, for every classic Detroit muscle aficionado, one awesomely cool 1973 Plymouth Barracuda Pro Touring Resto Mod example, that will simply knock you down, or take your breath away -- there is no other option. It is one of those things in which every fan of the American muscles of the golden era of the late 60s and early 70s simply enjoys. So here we go with it.

This is an original 440 car and it has Nascar 462 engine in it by Ernie Elliot, all aluminum block that is running on pump gas and it is mated to a Viper 6-speed transmission. It has a Control Freak suspension with coil over shocks, and Rack and Pinion front end, and Dana 60 rear end. It is one of those Mopar beasts that are beautiful in every possible way, that are really meant to be driven, and you simply cannot get enough of it, until you have one such an example for yourself. At least that is the way I feel about it.

There are many custom made components in the interior as well, like the race seats and the roll cage and many other things that you will see it for yourself in the video. In the moments when this video clip was made (for promotional and sales purpose), this ’73 Cuda Pro Touring Resto Mod Nascar had only 1 500 miles over the top build, it was practically brand new.

So check it out and feast your eyes with this ultimate Mopar beast and enjoy in it. And if you want to see another, very similar `Cuda, go to this link.