1969 Dodge Charger DAYTONA & 1970 Plymouth SUPERBIRD!

You know that feeling and scene that happens every now and then, when you are walking down the street and you see something that gets you out of your shoes, something that you really do not have a chance to see every other day? Well, here we have one video of one such an event, when you are carelessly walking on the sidewalk and all of a sudden, two super-rare classic muscle cars pass you by. In this case, those two are 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and 1970 Plymouth Superbird.

As I`m sure you know it, the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona is a real diamond amongst the muscle cars, the car that broke many records in the Nascar competition in its prime time, and set a new standard of the competition. It is powered by a 440 V8 4 BBL engine that generates 375 HP, and it is well known by its big rear wing.

The 1970 Plymouth Superbird is also one of those great muscle cars that are no stranger to any muscle car enthusiast, with a history that is preceding its fabulous performance abilities. A muscle car that also has many Nascar victories and titles behind its name, that made her into a real American muscle icon. There were a few motor versions, but of course the most notable was the 426 Hemi, that is giving an output to a 425 HP

So, take a look at the video clip that we have prepared for you in this article, and see how these two legends look when they are being driven one by another down the street.