Up Close & Personal with 1970 Plymouth Superbird!

Today we have prepared a video with a full and detailed analyzes of one of the Mopar`s finest models from the golden era of the American muscle car production, the one and only 1970 Plymouth Superbird. So, if you are one of the vintage Detroit muscle enthusiasts, with a special place in your heart for the Plymouth Superbird, the following sixteen minutes will be a spending of a quality time, in which you will find out and learn about every important aspect of this legendary Mopar car.

This is one of those video clips in which you will be guided be a guy who really knows this awesome car inside and out, starting from its engine, the performance data and abilities, the fuel economy, build quality, an overall look at its exterior and interior features, and many more unique details that you can learn only from a real Mopar expert. Of course, there is also a demonstration of the engine start up, a good portion of revving and exhaust sounds, and driving experience of this vintage muscle beauty.

But before you start watching the video, we will tell you a few things ourselves. This awesome and perfectly restored example is coming in the factory light lime green paint job, under the hood there is a 440 Six Barrel (only 665 units were powered by this motor), mated to the Chrysler three-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission, with a low gear selection. The 1970 Plymouth Superbird is one of those muscle cars that were built to do impressive results on the track, and it was one of the very first cars (along with the Dodge Charger Daytona) for which a computer was used for the analyzes of its aerodynamics. A real race monster from the 1970.

So, if you like this great car and want to find out more about it, watch the entire video and you will learn things about the Superbird that you (probably) did not know before. And if that is not enough, go to this link.