Off-The-Wall Toyota Supra Drag Racing A Suzuki Samurai! One Hell Of A Drag Race Show On The Highway!

Crazy Toyota Supra drag racing for all you gearheads in this video! A lot of miracles happen in the racing world, especially on the drag strip. And this video is definitely no exception. And when you attend a Toyota Supra drag racing event, you would most probably lay a bet on the Supra. And you`ll be right! Because the Supra always wins, of course. But, you`ll be startled badly when you see this Samurai`s launching capabilities!

It is not a big wonder to see a Suzuki Samurai on the dragstrip. It`s an awesome and pretty affordable off road vehicle. However, in this Toyota Supra drag racing video, you will see the Samurai in a completely new light! We totally got caught off guard when we saw what this particular Samurai can do! The Samurai here from the looks of It, definitely it`s not stock. No stock truck can do these things that this Samurai is capable of doing!

The Suzuki Samurai is totally a worthy opponent in this drag race. And when you take into consideration that its opponent is a god damn Toyota Supra that goes a long way! The Toyota Supra is on every gearhead`s list. It is a special machine with a following that resembles a cult! A real racing icon in the men`s world. And as we have seen a lot of fast Supras over our days, this is definitely no different. One prove of the power this Supra has is the parachute it`s running there on the highway! So, most definitely your jaw will drop when you see that this Samurai is actually putting up a great fight!

Unfortunately, we don`t know what this Samurai owner did in order to make a drag monster out of his Samurai. But he sure did one hell of a job! We want more of this!

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