The Fast & Furious movie franchise has already gained the epithet of a CULT one. Not because one of the main actors, Paul Walker, tragically lost his life in a car accident, although there are many people who believe so, but due to the excellent plot, incredible vehicles and epic car races such as this Supra vs Ferrari one, per se. Nonetheless, in the video below, you are going to watch one of the plethora street races that happened in this franchise, as a reminder of the good old times.

We are assured that all of you remember this epic scene, but it is our duty to once again introduce you with it, and also to refresh the memory of those who happened to forget it. If there are any. Anyway, in this scene you are going to see Dominic Toretto and Brian O`Connor on a ride with the iconic orange Toyota Supra. On their way to the final destination, they meet a posh vehicle, a Ferrari F355 waiting for the traffic light.

You all know what happens when two mighty vehicles stand next to each other (at least in the movies) waiting for the green light. A drag race! That`s exactly what happened here, of course with a brief discussion before the Supra vs Ferrari start. We`ll leave you to enjoy the rest of it.

Finally, follow this link to go inside Chicago’s “Fast & Furious” underground drag racing scene!