Fast and Furious Model Cars At 2015 DETROIT AUTORAMA!

You know how much we all love and respect the Fast and Furious sequels that we write so much about. We recently even had some kind of an honest trailer regarding the movie. However, we are here to present t you some Fast and Furious model cars that were present at the Detroit Autorama 2015! Recently, we showed you a workshop full of the original RESTORED Fast and Furious model cars, this time you will see them in their best shape!

Of course, the most interesting one there is the Dodge Charger driven by Vin Diesel in one of the sequels! They had a little something for everyone`s taste, Imports, Modern Muscles, Old Muscles and one of them even has BULLE HOLES on it!

Just walking pass those cars makes you feel like you are on the movie set and you are just waiting for the sign to turn on those engines and hit the throttle! We are not going to ruin it up for you, but the video contains the most popular car of them all, we are sure you know which one we are talking about! Enjoy!

Huge fan of the Fast & Furious Saga?! If the answer is yes, follow this link to see how fast the cars were actually!