SINGER SLINGER Tows Other MONSTER Trucks With Its Pure Power!

People, here you have a video which you can use to test your sound system. Don`t hesitate to turn up the volume. In fact, we don`t know a car lover that is afraid to increase the volume when it comes to a roaring engine. It is always a pleasure to listen to the sound that gives you positive goosebumps, especially when Singer Slinger is the star of the show.

This video takes place at the event named Trucks Gone Wild. And this event has every right to carry that name proudly. You have the chance to see why. At the very beginning of the video you can notice letters in different colors painted on the asphalt. Couple of minutes later, you can barely notice them. Why? Because of the INSANE tire burning! The rubber from the tires is simply transferred from the wheels to the asphalt. Now that is some serious burning! Also, there are moments when you can`t see absolutely anything from the smoke coming from the burning tires. WOW!

As mentioned, the main actor is the SINGER SLINGER, a monster truck possessing a big block engine which delivers 1500 HP!! And the man in charge of this power is Mr. Shawn P.

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