Powerful Trucks Gone Wild DOING PRETTY HIGH JUMPS!

We forgot about our adrenaline junkies for a second there! We`re sorry for waiting – here`s something for you! We know you love trucks. We also know you love powerful trucks. And we also know you definitely love powerful trucks that can fly!!! The headline is not there by accident – these trucks gone wild!

While using a ramp made out of dirt the drivers succeeded in making the highest jumps of their careers. None of these looneys care about destroying their car all they care about is HEIGHT! Being careful comes second! What is important right now is HOW HIGH CAN WE GO?! Bumpers get destroyed, tires get wracked but it does not matter. As they say, every dent is worth of it! When you put the truck in gear, when you approach the ramp and you see the car goes up – everything becomes pointless.

The only thing important right now is the jump! So what are you waiting for? This kind of footage cannot be explained by words – check out the trucks gone wild video bellow and enjoy yourself! But do not get any crazy ideas – those are professionals you know? Cheers!

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