Killa-B Blown V8 CAMARO Won The UBC 7 Trophy @ Avalon Speedway!

We have something that is rarely seen at Burnout Contests! We know that we Gearheads LOVE the smoke from burning tires! But KILLA-B here has found a way to make smoke lovely even to the ordinary citizens! You wonder how? Well, simple! The smoke that comes out of his exhaust is PINK! Yup, you read it right – PINK! However, in case you have never heard of Killa-B, it is a Chevrolet Camaro with a V8 motor hiding underneath the hood! It is really interesting as pink smoke spreads all over the place instead of the “good old” grey one! Anyway, that was not all the attractiveness KILLA-B showed! Those burnouts were AMAZING what-so-ever! This guy would have gotten standing ovations even if it was not for the pink smoke to amuse the audience! This guy literally destroyed his rims and we hope that his engine is fine since there was a lot of fluid coming out of it! At the end of the day, the best thing is the fact that they did not go home without the trophy! Moreover, the driver`s cupboard can now add a new item – the UBC 7 trophy!