Chicago DRIFT Beats the Tokyo One! GO WINDY CITY! You Will Surely Replay This Action!

Japanese people may be known for their love for drifting, but that does not mean that other nations are step behind. Let us welcome one more marvelous drift action that can easily be placed to the top 5. So, the city where it is placed is not Tokyo, but the windy Chicago, where adventures are behind every corner. Drifting videos that are made on the streets of an American city are not very common, and we are lucky that we stumbled upon this gem! We were genuinely surprised after watching this video, and we immediately knew what we had to do! That is why we are sharing it right here so you can enjoy it as well! Firstly done in an old abandoned building, this Chicago drift will surely amaze you, as the drivers have the necessary insane skills to make the most awesome smoky circles. Afterwards, the fascinating beastly vehicles are moving on the streets, continuing with their drifting fun that turn heads.

However, the main star among them is the red Nissan 240sx, that is one of the best models for this kind of fun. Moreover, we must praise the excellent camera work and the perfect music that suits this breathtaking action. If you wonder which song plays in the background, then check Keys & Krates-All the Time. To sum it all up, this is a remarkable video and we are happy that we are the ones that will show it to you! The drifting is incredible and the editing as well. Unfortunately, the areas where most of the drifting was filmed have become hot spots for the police. However, we are certain that this won`t stop these drifters from continuing to drift on the streets of Windy City! Until they decide to create a new drifting video, we can watch the mesmerizing Chicago drift video instead. Enjoy the show people.

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