1/10th RC Truck Mud Bogging Offroad 4×4 Adventures!

All of you know that we are huge fans of RC vehicles. We have shared lots of videos featuring RC car, trucks, planes etc. Today we are honoring our tradition and sharing yet another RC video! In the video we have for you, you will have the pleasure of seeing how RC truck mud bogging looks like! As you know Mud bogging (mud drags or mudding) is a off-road motorsport popular in US and Canada. The R/C bogging is the same sport but you are standing on the side and you are putting your $500 R/C truck vs other R/C trucks to see who will be the fastest… This time, we have a group of 6 RC trucks, who go on an off-road adventure. The participants are an Axial Ford-150, an Axial Betty B-17, an Axial Wroncho as well as 2 Axial Honchos! The only RC truck that is not from Axial is the Tamiya Land Cruiser.

Together, these 6 trucks go to Tampines Quarry in Singapore to have one grand adventure! These small remote controlled trucks overcome many obstacles during their adventures with relative ease. From muddy slopes to deep ponds, nothing proved too hard for these little trucks! To put it simply, this video is an excellent way of showing how fun RC trucks can be! We must admit that RC truck mud bogging looks just as good as real truck mud bogging. The video is well filmed and truly captures the prowess that these small remote controlled machines have. This is just one of the reasons why we think you shouldn`t miss the opportunity to see how RC truck mud bogging looks! Take a look at this awesome RC Truck video and tell us what do you think! We really liked these adventures these 6 RC trucks had, and we hope you did too!

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Enjoy the video below!

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