It is always funnier to laugh at someone`s misfortune, especially to a close friend, which by the way is wrong sometimes, but you can ignore that fact as long as nothing really bad happens. As far as this video is considered, we are pretty sure that the driver is in perfect condition, physically. We can`t say much about his emotional condition, but we guess that he is rather disappointed and angry. You would feel the same if you were in the same jump fail situation. At the beginning of the video the truck is lifted, but several seconds later it simply is not anymore. So, what happens?

Imagine this: you are eagerly waiting for the weekend to come, so you can take your lifted truck to the countryside for a spin. Then, it occurs to you to create a little dirt bump so you can test the jumping and landing possibilities of your vehicle. It`s a perfect sunny day, and it is all set for this, let`s call it, a stunt. Off you go, then one moment you are a bit in the air and the next one you are already landed with the sound of an epic jump fail! That sound really hurts.

Anyway, if you want to see one exciting and crazy truck jump that I hope will compensate the failure of the one here, follow this link and enjoy the epic skills of its driver.