Ousseyni Gobitaca Breathtaking Video – The Lamborghini Jumper!  

I`m sure that there are some amongst you who had already seen this guy named Ousseyni Gobitaca, also known as the Lamborghini jumper, jumping over a Lamborghini before (there are a few videos with him doing this incredible stunt in this past couple or more years), because he is an internet sensation for quite some time now. And how would not he be, when he is totally crazy, able to jump like a kangaroo and very brave! I mean, for pulling a stunt like this, you really do not have to be any less than that, right?

This adrenaline addict and one of the biggest daredevils that we had seen in a long time, with pretty much unpronounceable name, from Sweden (yes, you have read it correctly), who goes by the name of Al the Jumper, has done it again. He made another awesome video clip jumping over a Lamborghini Gallardo as it is approaching towards him with 80 miles per hour! The Lamborghini jumper says that no matter what it is, if he is able to do it in his mind, he will do it in reality, and there is no reason for us not to trust him. Someone who is able to do such an outstanding stunt, deserves every respect and lots of trust.

Right after I have seen the video, I got reminded on basketball star Blake Griffin and his slam dunk jump over a car. But I think that comparing that one with this jump over a speeding Lamborghini, is not even close.

Just watch the video and see what I`m talking about. And if you want to see a direct comparison between those two stunts, as well as learning more about Al the Jumper, go to this link.