This ROBOT That Talks To You Knows More Than Some People!

Like it or not, movies are gradually becoming reality and today we have another proof that will blow your mind and leave you speechless. It is again a robot, but not just a regular one, as this digital ROBOT that talks to you can answer your question and reply to you. Creepy right?!

However, we should not be frightened by this revolutionary step in today`s technology, but instead, we should be proud of these creations that can easily find a role in our near future: personal assistants, servants or just friends, whom you can talk to. Whatever the role of the robot in the video is, one thing is sure- it is a result of very hard work and effort and it looks so real that is opening totally new horizons of life.

Looking at the comments on the video, opinions are of course divided and one side says that this is just a scripted conversation and the robot is previously programmed, so it can give the necessary answers. However, others argue that today’s ROBOT that talks to you is Al programmed and they learn how to carry out a conversation, based on past conversations they had with people. Which group do you agree with?!

At the end of the day, whatever the opinions are, robots will never have emotions and energy as humans. But you know what we say, never say never, as one guy has a solid counter reply to the previous statement.