Terminator’s Era Just Arrived! Check This Walking Robot!

If you ever walk into the street and notice a walking robot just like a human being, do not get surprised, as that situation may come a reality really soon. Japanese engineers have once again succeeded to make an improvement in the robot world and this time it is the human-like walking.  An HRP-4C Miim makes its first steps that will shock you, as the movement is identical like we humans do. Although it looks a little bit creepy, this intelligent prototype announces the futuristic scenario when human robots will be part of our everyday life.

This human-like walking was accomplished thanks to the complicated technology that is done with the knees of the model. They are actually stretched by two way motion of the abdomen and the role of the one toe feet is to recognize longer strides.

That is why, we must congratulate the team that stands behind these successful walking robot mimics and impersonations of human walking. We are counting the days when they will surprise us with another futuristic innovation and we cannot wait for the model that will be able to do some crazy driving or even better drifting.  Till then, let’s once again enjoy this video!

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Enjoy the video below!

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