To tell you the truth, I cannot even explain to myself how is it possible that the Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Racing has been slipping under my radar of interest for such a long time, I even feel like I have done a really unforgivable damage to myself, and my sense of having fun! But one thing that I can promise is that I will not continue to repeat that mistake again!

I mean, the name itself says it all. To have an utterly powerful and fast as hell motorcycles, drag racing each other not on a regular tarmac strip, but on a dirt one! What is there not to like it?!

These TOP FUEL MOTORCYCLE DIRT DRAG races have been going on for almost 20 years, and the way the story about its genesis goes, it was started by hill-climbers, who were getting really bored of continuous waiting to have their fun running up in the mountain. The very first motorcycles were Japanese off-road bikes, with pretty small tanks. But ever since the beginning, things had evolved a lot and today there are real monsters of bikes, like the big bore Harleys that are competing here.

Most of these bikes can run on everything, starting from gasoline, to alcohol, and there is absolutely no limitation on the size of the rear tires, mostly because they are running without a rear suspension.

Now check out the video and see if it leaves the same impressions to you as it did for me! Then again, if you prefer a classic Top Fuel drag racing, go to this link and check out an interesting race!